Meet The Staff: Rhasha, Larry & Steve

Meet The Staff: Rhasha, Larry & Steve


Rhasha began her journey at the LIAD Center in 2017. Since high school, she’s worked in the health field, earning her way to be a HHA, PCA and CNA – she’s always had interest in simply helping. Rhasha found herself at the LIAD Center with interest in learning more about Alzheimer’s disease and related forms of dementia. Through her work at the LIAD Center, Rhasha finds happiness in helping families find comfort in “knowing their loved one is in good hands and being the breath of fresh air when they need it most.” 

Inspired by her Grandmother, Rhasha is committed to providing help and support to others. She works hard to grow relationships with each participant, learning what their needs are, as well as what activities they enjoy and thrive in most. When she’s on the LIAD bus, she says it feels good to “see our participants look forward and be excited for their day at the LIAD Center.”

Outside of work, Rhasha enjoys event planning and decorating, as well as art and crafting.

Fun facts: She has a special place in her heart for children and elders, and studied the Spanish language for three years!


Larry joined the LIAD Center team in November 2013, soon after retiring from NYC Transit. “I feel very fortunate to work at the LIAD Center. It doesn’t even feel like a job because I enjoy it so much.” Larry makes the most out of his transportation shift, getting to know each participant and caregiver personally, and being first to volunteer for any field trip!

“What I enjoy most about working at the LIAD Center are getting to know the families, the friendliness of the staff, and knowing that I am helping, not just diagnosed individuals, but also the families that bear the brunt of this disease.”

Outside of work, Larry can, almost definitely, be found with his 1970 Buick Gran Sport 455 Stage1. “Back in the day, that car had a reputation as one of the very fastest street cars out there. I enjoy maintaining and working on it myself.” He belongs to several car clubs and enjoys attending national events dedicated to the old Buick cars. Additionally, Larry enjoys weightlifting, bicycling and keeping in shape.

Fun facts: Growing up, Larry always wanted to be a police officer – he even took a few exams and was called by 4 departments. Unfortunately, his vision prevented him from his dream. Nonetheless, he happily looks back his 30 year career with NYC Transit, and feels “maybe it was meant to be."


Steven joined the LIAD Center in 2018 with interest in gaining more experience working with seniors and in the health field. His interest in gaining experience quickly became a passion for helping the dementia population. “I enjoy seeing the participants accomplish things independently, laugh and socialize." 

Steven appreciates the LIAD Center’s value of music. “I think the day program’s entertainment session is very important – it exposes our participants to different genres, encourages them to recall lyrics and tunes and I love seeing them dance to the music.”

Typically Steven can be found in the Happy Days Club, leading participants in group activities and engaging conversation. He makes sure music is always playing in the room. “This population is still capable of doing so much.”

Outside of work, Steven enjoys riding his bike and snowboarding.

Fun facts: Steven has a younger brother, and when growing up they looked identical. He’s also a certified self-Direction Broker!

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