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Behind all of our success stories, you’ll find our dedicated team of compassionate dementia-trained professionals looking to make a difference. Although we can teach many skills, you can't teach compassion and the desire for providing services to impact the greater community, which is a requirement. All of our professionals are hand picked for their innate ability to comfort, love, and find solutions.

Our people are special. Each day they embody the very essence of our founders and are committed to working together to achieve our common goal. Every member of our staff is here to make an impact — one person, one family, one community at a time.

Whether you contact us via phone, complete a contact form, or visit us in person; you'll immediately recognize the spirit of service permeating throughout every one of our employees. And we couldn’t ask for a better team.

Our Team


Tori Cohen, LCSW Executive Director

Tori Cohen

Tori Cohen is Long Island Alzheimer's & Dementia Center’s Executive Director. A former hospital social worker, after her grandmother’s dementia diagnosis, Tori felt pulled into working in this field. Tori joined the Long Island Alzheimer's & Dementia Center team in 2003 as a Social Worker, then in 2015, was appointed Executive Director. She has used her personal experiences to help shape and grow Long Island Alzheimer's and Dementia Center into the program it is today. When not at Long Island Alzheimer's and Dementia Center, you can find Tori at home with her husband and three kids, at spin class, or watching Wimbledon matches!

Danielle Schwartzberg, Director of Special Events and Community Outreach

Danielle Schwartzberg joined the Long Island Alzheimer's & Dementia Center in October 2019 as the Director of Community Outreach and Special Events. She has a vast experience in not-for-profit as well as in marketing, event planning, public relations and fundraising. Danielle’s passion for community service coupled with her professional experience makes her proud to be a part of the team. When she isn’t at the LIAD Center, you can find Danielle at home with her husband and two boys. She enjoys quality time with friends and family, exercising and travelling.

Dana Castoria, Engagement and Marketing Manager


Dana’s personal interest in health and wellness ignites her passion to help execute impactful change in the nonprofit field. As a Hofstra University graduate with a degree in Public Health and a demonstrated history in communications, Dana is committed to merge the community, individuals and professionals of Long Island to help Long Island Alzheimer's & Dementia Center achieve its mission. Having joined the team in July 2017, she came from an assisted living facility and with over 5 years’ experience in the senior care field. Dana helped Long Island Alzheimer's & Dementia Center plant it’s feet and grow in the new Westbury location, and believes her efforts to attain the resources to further develop and sustain its services is her part in caring for and supporting diagnosed individuals and caregivers. Outside of the office, you can find Dana exploring Manhattan, at a dog-park or spending time with her family and friends, especially if a board game is involved!

Frank Abrignani, Director of Finance and Operations

Frank joined Long Island Alzheimer's & Dementia Center in November 2018 as Director of Finance and Operations and oversees all of Long Island Alzheimer's and Dementia Center’s financial functions. He was drawn to the LIAD Center by the opportunity to utilize his prior experience working in accounting and financial reporting departments in order to support the growth of the organization. In his spare time, Frank enjoys spending time with his wife and their two dogs, working out and playing golf.

Social Workers

Melissa Katz, LCSW Director of Caregiver Services and Grant Management

Melissa Katz, a New Jersey native, fell in love with Long Island during her Master’s in Social Work studies, and found a home at Long Island Alzheimer's & Dementia Center in November 2014. After running the Early Stage Program for four years, Melissa is now facilitating caregiver support groups and implementing new programs for the LIAD Center’s family caregivers. Additionally, Melissa runs the In-Home Respite Program, helping to give caregivers a break when it comes to taking care of their loved ones. Melissa’s long-time passion for working with families, conducting research and improving health equity in New York has led to her new role as Director of Caregiver Services and Grant Management. When not at the LIAD Center, Melissa can be found doing endless work on her new home with her husband and French Bulldog, Harvey.

Lindsay Knudsen, LMSW Director of Day Program Services

Our Director of Programs is Lindsay, who jumped onboard Long Island Alzheimer's & Dementia Center in February 2015. She is also the go-to person for volunteers and interns. Lindsay, a former Wheel of Fortune contestant and workout enthusiast, channels her energy into making our day program a fun and safe place for our friends. As an avid animal lover, Lindsay is the right person to head up our dog therapy program, which comes to the LIAD Center three times per month. In her spare time, Lindsay loves to hang out with her husband, daughter, and two dogs!

Grace Johnson, LCSW Director of Counseling Services and Health Operations

Grace Johnson first experienced Alzheimer’s disease when her best friend’s father received the diagnosis. As a regular visitor to the household, she experienced firsthand how dementia changed this person and affected his family through the various stages and transitions of the disease. Today, with a Master’s degree from Columbia University and license in social work, Grace is the Director of Counseling Services and Health Operations. Grace enjoys working with individuals and families and has a keen interest in program development.

Jillian Viup, LCSW Director of Counseling Services and Health Operations

With interest in working with the Alzheimer’s population due to understanding the impact the disease can have on an individual and caregivers, Jillian joined the LIAD Center in August 2020. She has experience in providing psychotherapy with individuals, couples and families. Today, with a Master’s degree from Stony Brook University and a clinical license in social worker, Jillian is the Director of Counseling Services and Health Operations. Jillian’s passion for building relationships and learning how experiences can influence an individual shapes the genuine, hardworking professional she is in her work. Out of the office, Jillian enjoys baking, reading, running…and adding to her mug collection!

Mandy Klarman, LCSW Director of Onboarding and Client Coordination

Mandy joined the Long Island Alzheimer's & Dementia Center team as a member of the staff in October 2018. She previously spent time at the LIAD Center as a volunteer. Mandy’s prior social work experience was in inpatient psychiatry. Her passion for working with those affected with dementia came from her personal experience with her grandmother who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. Mandy is now the Director of Onboarding and Client Coordination. She meets with families to walk them through the intake process and to ensure a smooth transition into the day program. When not at the LIAD Center you can find Mandy spending time with her husband and two boys. The most likely spot to find her is on the sideline of her boys baseball games!

Day Programs

Long Island Alzheimer's and Dementia Center Staff

Program Assistants

  • Justin Bayoneto
  • Mavis Lawrence
  • Devante Philippe 
  • Steven Marty, Moderate Stage Program Facilitator
  • Lauren Kahaner Konezny, Early Stage Program Facilitator
  • Donna Wright
  • Rhasha Wright
  • Rachel Hinken
  • Megan Montgomery
  • Rosemary Blue, Home Health Aide

In-Home Respite

  • Juliette Green
  • Jenna Dragoon


  • Leslie Turner
  • Peter Cacciola
  • Larry Hymowitz
  • Allan Rabinowitz
  • Paul Hellman
  • Anthony Badalucco

Contact Long Island Alzheimer's & Dementia Center

If you have questions about any of our programs or would like to speak to an individual employee, we encourage you to call (516) 767-6856 or visit our state-of-the-art center to see our talented team at work. We're conveniently located at 1025 Old Country Road, Suite 115 in Westbury, New York.

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