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Alzheimer’s and the NFL

By Allan Vann, Huffington Post, September 1, 2015This is an open letter to NFL Commissioner Goodell, team owners, and players:As another season of the National Football League (NFL) season is about

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NY Legislators Push $1B Bond Issue for Alzheimer’s Research

By Laura Blasey, Newsday, August 11, 2015A Long Island legislator is pushing a $1 billion bond issue for neuroscience and Alzheimer's disease research that aims to make New York the top state in the

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Dementia Units Require Full-time Managers

By Allan Vann, McKnights, November 10, 2014My wife, Clare, has been living in an assisted living residence for more than a year. Aside from the onsite executive director, there are various other onsite

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Pat Bowlen and Alzheimer’s

By Allan Vann, The Denver Post, July 27, 2014Pat Bowlen’s resignation from Bronco ownership due to Alzheimer’s affords the Broncos a wonderful opportunity to pay tribute to their former owner

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Assisted Living

Placing a Loved One in Assisted Living

By Allan Vann, Social Work Today, May/June, 2014Seven months after placing my wife, Clare, in the dementia unit of a nearby Assisted Living Facility (ALF) in September, 2013 I unexpectedly plunged

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Alzheimer’s — would you want to know?

By Michael Dobie, Long Island Newsday, March 14, 2014Suppose you are a senior citizen and a blood test could predict with near certainty whether you are going to suffer from Alzheimer's disease or

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First Large-scale Study Finds Cognitive Training Aids in Long-term Function in Older People

By Tara Bahrampour, Washington Post, January 13, 2014The first large-scale trial to show that training improves cognitive function in older adults could reduce the number of people experiencing functional

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