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Happy Days Club

If your loved one has moderate stage Alzheimer’s disease, the Long Island Alzheimer's and Dementia Center offers an innovative Happy Days Club specifically designed for your loved one's abilities. Our Happy Days Club gives your loved one the opportunity to engage in a variety of different cognitive stimulation as well as social interactions.

The Happy Days Club encourages your loved one to freely express themselves in our supportive and safe environment. Your loved one will be engaged with a variety of activities, such as:

  • Word games
  • Discussion of present and past events
  • Discussion of topics of interest
  • Music
  • Practical activities

Our Happy Days Club meets Monday through Saturday from 10AM to 2PM.

Transportation to and from Long Island Alzheimer's and Dementia Center’s Happy Days Club

Long Island Alzheimer's and Dementia Center proudly offers transportation services to its participants to and from the center. We’re able to provide door-to-door services for families located in select areas of Nassau County. Designed for optimum accessibility, The Center currently has two wheel-chair accessible vehicles. Our vehicles are driven by Long Island Alzheimer's and Dementia Center dementia-trained drivers, and are accompanied by program staff when needed. Our appropriately trained transportation staff allows us to ensure the highest level of safety for your loved one during their travels.

Take a Break & Be Good To Yourself

While your loved one is socializing and being stimulated in the Happy Days Club, you'll have time to tend to your own matters. Whether you go shopping, see a movie, or visit with friends, we encourage you to be good to yourself. We've found that when caregivers are refreshed, they're able to provide the highest level of care and use the most patience. So, take a break and be good to yourself.

Happy Days Club Mind-Stimulating Activities

The Happy Days Club provides cognitive stimulation activities designed to target your loved one’s mental and social functioning. This cognitive stimulation can be administered in a one-on-one setting or in a group. We use a variety of methods to help your loved one express themselves in our safe and supportive environment, such as:

  • Social – Different activities for seniors and visiting with other members
  • Physical – Stationary arm and leg exercises, dancing, and walking
  • Thinking – Reading, games, and puzzles
  • Creative – Painting, singing, arts and crafts projects, and playing music

How Can Families Help at Home?

In addition to the therapies we provide at the Happy Days Club, you and your family may be able to use reminiscence therapy at home. This type of cognitive stimulation can help bolster the quality of life for your loved one living with moderate stage Alzheimer’s disease. Different activities used in reminiscence therapy can include:

  • Sharing “I remember when” stories
  • Listening to music
  • Looking through old photo albums
  • Eating special family recipes
  • Re-reading old greeting cards and saved letters

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