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Memory Lane Club

The Long Island Alzheimer's and Dementia Center offers the Memory Lane Club for your loved one with late stage Alzheimer’s. This innovative session gives your loved one the opportunity to socialize and engage with others. Each Memory Lane Club session is designed to ensure individualized attention as well as small group activities in a supportive, enjoyable, and safe environment.

The Memory Lane Club meets Monday through Saturday from 10AM to 2PM.

Transportation for Long Island Alzheimer's and Dementia Center’s Memory Lane Club

Long Island Alzheimer's and Dementia Center proudly offers transportation services to its participants to and from the center. We're able to provide door-to-door services for families located in select areas of Nassau County. Designed for optimum accessibility, Long Island Alzheimer's and Dementia Center currently has two wheel-chair accessible vehicles. Our vehicles are driven by Long Island Alzheimer's and Dementia Center dementia-trained drivers, and are accompanied by program staff when needed. Our appropriately trained transportation staff allows us to ensure the highest level of safety for your loved one during their travels.

Take a Break & Be Good To Yourself

While your loved one is being stimulated and socializing in the Memory Lane Club, you'll have time to take a much-needed break. Everyday from Monday through Saturday from 10AM to 4PM, you'll have time to yourself.

We've found when caregivers utilize this time to relax or enjoy themselves, they're able to return refreshed to provide the highest level of care to their loved one with late stage Alzheimer's. So, remember to take a break and be good to yourself.

Why Is the Memory Lane Club Helpful?

Far too often, people tend to look at those with dementia by focusing on their deficits. Instead, we take a person-centered approach and continually ask “What can we do to help them?” Our Memory Lane Club curriculum is based on research that supports the many benefits of socialization for those with dementia.

We utilize our highly-trained staff to engage your loved one in one-on-one as well as group settings. Our person-centered approach means our staff gets to know your loved one as an individual, so they can engage them based on their own interests. At the same time, the Memory Lane Club keeps your loved one awake and engaged during the day, so they are more likely to sleep at night.

Your loved one will have the full support of an experienced caregiver who assists them in a variety of social gatherings and events on a daily basis. And research suggests it can be beneficial for your loved one to communicate through activities.

The Long Island Alzheimer's and Dementia Center points out it’s not uncommon for those in the late stage of Alzheimer’s to show a need or behavior through a certain action. For instance, they may move or tap their feet across the floor for a variety of reasons — whether this means they’re excited or frustrated.

In this case, our caregivers can talk them through the emotion to help encourage self expression. Many of our methods and practices have led to improvements in seniors living with dementia.

Why Type of Care Is Provided During the Memory Lane Club?

All of our programming happens under the direction of a Day Program Director. The Memory Lane Club’s director is Grace Johnson who is a licensed, Master’s level social worker. As the Day Program Director, Grace is responsible for creating safe and engaging activities appropriate for seniors with late stage Alzheimer’s.

In addition to the Day Program Director, your loved one will be surrounded by our team of experienced Program Assistants. These highly-trained professionals offer experience working with seniors with dementia.

All of our professionals — Day Program Director and Program Assistants — are Certified Dementia Care Professionals. This certification ensures they have been educated and trained in all areas of providing the appropriate level of care for individuals with dementia.

How Can Families Help at Home?

In addition to the therapies we provide at Long Island Alzheimer's and Dementia Center, you may be able to engage your loved one with the following activities at home.

  • Colorful sensory books they can touch and look at
  • Stuffed toys and animals for cuddling
  • Looking at photos
  • Giving your loved one a hand massage with their favorite scented lotions
  • Offering a real cat or puppy for them to spend time with
  • Place a diffuser in their bedroom with their favorite scent

It’s important for you to speak to your loved one’s physician or clinical staff regarding their health before starting or attempting any activity.

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