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Late Stage Alzheimer's Program

In the last stage of memory loss, your loved one may lose their ability to effectively carry on a conversation, respond to their environment, and eventually lose their ability to control their movement. Their communication abilities will be significantly impaired, and you may notice significant personality changes.

In the late stage, your loved one may:

  • Lose awareness of their surroundings as well as of recent experiences
  • Experience increased difficulty communicating
  • Lose the ability to sit, walk, and eventually swallow
  • Experience increased vulnerability to infections- particularly pneumonia 
  • Require around-the-clock and assistance taking care of themselves with daily activities 

Memory Lane Club

Memory Lane Club is designed to ensure individualized attention as well as small group activities in a supportive, enjoyable, and safe environment. LIAD’s hands-on approach to care can lead to improvements in quality of life for both diagnosed individuals and caregivers. While a loved one is at the LIAD Center, caregivers can attend to appointments, run errands, rest, or even attend our caregiver programs, such as support group and educational trainings.

For example, it’s not uncommon for those in the late stage of dementia to show a need or behavior through a certain action – they may move or tap their feet across the floor for a variety of reasons; perhaps they’re excited or frustrated. In this case, our team can talk through an emotion to help encourage self-expression. Many of our methods and practices have supported better communication and engagement.

The program is offered Monday – Saturday from 10:00am-2:00pm and gives your loved one the opportunity to socialize and engage with others going through similar journeys.

The activities include:

  • Bingo and other group games  
  • Chair exercise and light stretching 
  • Music and Art Therapy 
  • Pet Therapy 
  • Sensory Activities 
  • Socialization and engagement 

Call us at 516-767-6856 for more information.

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