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Early Stage Alzheimer's Program

"Early stage” dementia refers to those who are in the beginning stages of memory loss. In this stage, your loved one may be able to continue with their regular daily activities and sustain regular conversations. Instead of considering yourself as a caregiver, you may only be needed as a care partner. In either case, encouraging your loved one to participate in support, positive, and stimulating program such as the Long Island Alzheimer’s and Dementia Center early stage program can help their wellbeing and help them stay healthier longer.

AL’Z Club

ALZ Club is an innovative weekly session designed for people in early stage dementia. The program is offered Monday - Saturday and encourages participants to be mentally and socially engaged in a safe and structured environment.

Types of Activities in ALZ Club

In ALZ Club, we work to create a stimulating program similar to one you’d find at an adult education center. Each session is hosted in an environment that is accommodating, understanding, and engaging to the needs of those who are experiencing the early stage memory loss. The program involves:

  • Personal support and guidance to the individual with Alzheimer’s disease
  • Education on Alzheimer’s related concerns and issues
  • An inviting environment to share experiences with others who are on the same journey
  • Opportunities to engage socially and form new social bonds
  • Meaningful activities and opportunities for cognitive stimulation and enhancement

In addition to a long list of cognitive stimulation activities and social activities, we regularly feature engaging guest speakers, such as:

  • Professors
  • Museum Docents
  • Poets and Authors
  • Artists
  • Musicians

ALZ Club centers around activates designed to inspire your loved one to talk and connect with others in the group. We help facilitate this socialization through:

  • Luncheons
  • Art Projects
  • Current Event Discussion
  • Word Games
  • And more 

Transportation to ALZ Club

The Long Island Alzheimer’s and Dementia Center proudly offers transportation services to its participants to and from the center. We’re able to provide door-to-door services for families located in select areas of Nassau County. Designed for optimum accessibility, the LIAD Center currently has two wheel-chair accessible vehicles. Our vehicles are driven by dementia-trained drivers and are accompanied by program staff when needed. Our appropriately trained transportation staff allows us to ensure the highest level of safety for your loved one during their travels.

How an Early Stage Program Can Prevent Other Complications?

The benefits of an early stage dementia program are widely understood by the families with loved ones suffering from the disease. Seniors in early stage memory loss regularly face challenges that require additional attention and care. In addition to preventing further onset of dementia, our early stage program can help prevent some other side effects, such as:

  • Isolation Prevention: By participating in our early stage Alzheimer’s program, your loved one is much less likely to isolate themselves and have problems with depression.
  • Mood Swings: One of the most common problems associated with your loved one losing their memory is mood swings. Our program helps create the supportive environments to help them cope.
  • Loss of Sense of Judgement: Seniors suffering from early stage memory loss may also have the tendency to misjudge things. They may experience difficulty judging time, distances, or may believe they’ve taken their medications when they haven’t.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with early state dementia, being involved with the Long Island Alzheimer’s and Dementia Center’s ALZ club program may prove to be exceptionally beneficial.

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