Lunch Program - Long Island Alzheimer's and Dementia Center

Lunch Program

In January 2020, the LIAD Center launched its first lunch program. The LIAD Center’s Social Adult Day Program provides full, individually wrapped lunches to all participants. Thanks to our new lunch program, partially funded by Maspeth Federal Savings Bank, caregivers are relieved from preparing lunch meals for their loved one!

This critically needed program follows senior nutrition guidelines, and includes vegetables, protein, and a carbohydrate. It also includes a cup of 1% milk to ensure our participants get their daily calcium. The balanced meals are approved by Nassau County Office for the Aging.

Lunches are provided completely free to our families Monday through Saturday. We are so appreciative of our donor's support, and especially Cinco de Mayo restaurant for their delicious meals.

Our dear mother, Philomena Petrolito was afflicted with Alzheimer’s for over ten years. One particular night, the sundowning was very difficult and I called the Alzheimer’s Association helpline and learned about additional resources including The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Center. This place felt like home. Our mom loved listening to the music at the center and often sang the words to the songs. Although her ability to speak was hampered by the disease, she remembered most words from various songs. What a beautiful gift!!!! One Valentine’s Day party at the center, I came as my mom’s date. I will cherish this date forever!!!!

Our dear mom passed in June 2022. I now volunteer at this center once weekly. I volunteer as I truly believe this program makes such a difference. It provided my mom with beautiful moments and it gave me hope at a very challenging time in our lives. Our mom is an angel, and I have been profoundly blessed by my mom, as well as this program. Thank you for the beautiful memories, moments and hope: What a priceless treasure!!!!

The lunch program at LIAD is a blessing for me! First, I don’t have to pack lunch. Second, my husband has a much better selection than he would get home. At LIAD he has three choices daily, and they vary from day to day. When I saw the first menu, I wondered if I could get lunch also!

My husband Bob really seems to enjoy having the lunch that is provided on the days he is at the Center. The lunches provide variety and are much more interesting than the container of yogurt and the apple that I used to send with him for his lunch each time he went to the center. It also makes it easier for me in the morning to get him ready for the bus.

When I ask Mark about his day on our ride home, he always gives a full report of lunch first before he tells me anything else about his day, it’s always a hit!

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