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Every step of the way, through every challenge, the Long Island Alzheimer’s and Dementia (LIAD) Center continues to lead the way on the front line of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Our critical hands-on services have been adjusted to provide families necessary relief and resources during this difficult time and are making strides to assure long-term success as well.

With your continued support, together we can make an impact on those in heightened need. See below a few of your neighbors that have already began to demonstrate the importance of the LIAD Center community and our continued mission.

To participate in our #COVID19ReliefFund, contribute a general donation, support someone’s personal fundraiser, or create your own!

See individual fundraisers below, organized by our community and families. We're in this together.

Todd Hesekiel

Over the last several years, my wife Jennifer, my daughters Sammie and Morgan, and I have become very active in the LIAD Center. My father-in-law, Charles, passed away in 2014; for the last several years of his life he suffered from Alzheimer’s/Dementia. Watching his physical and mental health decline was difficult, but equally as difficult was watching the impact his deteriorating health had on those charged with looking after and taking care of him. 

In 2017 I joined the Board of Trustees, am honored today to serve as Vice Chair. Having a personal experience with this devastating disease, my family and I know the critical need for support. The LIAD Center relies almost entirely on fundraisers to fund its hands-on programs. Accordingly, I ask that you join me in supporting the LIAD Center to help continue its mission during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scott Berfas

It is extremely important to make sure our senior population is cared for, especially those with dealing with dementia related conditions. I enjoy giving back to the communities in which I live and work; my belief in being a good corporate citizen led me to become a member of LIAD Center’s board of trustees in 2019.  LIAD has always provided critical support, programming, and other resources for the participants and their caretakers.

The COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine has brought unprecedented challenges to these folks. The LIAD Center is here to help, but the LIAD Center needs your assistance and support more than ever. Please consider a donation so the LIAD Center can provide a sustainable, caring environment for our senior community and their families.

Jessica Moller

Helping loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia is a cause that I have long believed in and supported. Having experienced my beloved grandmother slowly succumb and lose her memories was devastating. And the pressure on my family as her primary caregiver, is something that no family should have to manage alone. 

I joined the LIAD Center Board in 2019.  Despite all that it does, LIAD has not been spared the impacts of the current pandemic and has had to temporarily close its doors due to COVID-19. But LIAD is resilient; even a pandemic could not keep LIAD from fulfilling its mission. I ask you to join me in supportIng LIAD with a donation, to help LIAD continue supporting others. Any donation, large or small in whatever amount, is very much appreciated.

The Brown Family

Alex Brown is in his 60s. Despite his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, Alex is not ready to slow down. His children are juggling going to school, working full time, and providing the best care for their dad. Alex regularly attends the LIAD Center’s day program, participating in every activity and thriving in new friendships, as his family appreciates some temporary relief from the demands on caring for someone with Alzheimer’s. “The virtual programming provided by the LIAD Center has been a major help during this unprecedented time,” say his daughters. “Whenever our Dad sees the instructors on Facebook, he immediately lights up. As working caregivers, the virtual sessions have given us a few moments throughout the day when we know our Dad is entertained and we can take care of critical activities for our jobs.” Through the LIAD Center’s continued services, Alex has found happiness and support, and his family has been provided the priceless gifts of hope and respite. Just as our caregiving families cannot slow down, we, too, cannot pause our mission.

Jenna Dragoon

After Jenna Dragoon’s first-hand experience with her father’s diagnosis of early onset dementia, she longed for an opportunity to connect with and work with our community, a population that resonated with her. “Working at the LIAD Center has allowed me to feel a new level of empathy…I am very grateful because I get as much out of it as I give.”  As an in-home respite worker, the pandemic has completely changed Jenna’s daily interactions. She now relies on virtual platforms like Zoom and Facebook to safely continue the LIAD Center’s mission, providing stimulating activities to participants as well as relief for caregivers. “The LIAD Center has been a glue of ‘normalcy’ for both me and our families. Continuing our programs and engaging on virtual platforms has helped provide comfort, familiarity and respite for families mandated to stay home with limited resources.” Since day one, but especially now, Jenna refers her work as spending time with friends rather than a job.

Jennifer Cona

In addition to being the founder and managing partner of Cona Elder Law, I am the Chair of the LIAD Center’s Board of Trustees. The LIAD Center urgently needs your support to navigate this current pandemic. Working with older adults and their families, I am very aware of the critical need for hands-on support. The LIAD Center’s services have always been in urgent need, but now while quarantine restrictions are in place, the dementia community desperately needs support. In addition to the abundance of updates relating to COVID-19, from Medicaid laws to state regulations, facing the daily challenges of living with dementia can be overwhelming. Since the pandemic, the LIAD Center hasn’t skipped a beat in providing supportive services, stimulating programs and comfort. Please help the Center continue their efforts and assure a place for participants and families to safely return.  Thank you in advance for your support!

Jenn Cona

Paul Eibeler

The impact of the LIAD Center on families is overwhelming. I have been part of the LIAD Center’s Board of Trustees for oever 15 years; to be part of an organization that provides help to patients and caretakers is very gratifying and humbling. Through any unforeseen challenge, there’s always been a clear visualization of a a resilient, reliable LIAD Center; nevertheless, the COVID-19 pandemic is an experience like no other. The outbreak has only highlighted the crucial need for hands-on support and sparked his passion to serve those struggling with dementia. “’m proud to be a part of an organization that has adapted to the pandemic. From here, the LIAD Center will only continue to pivot its programming to help families in the unique ways they need. I often think of my mother-in-law, Alice, who would have benefited from the LIAD Center’s services. I am sure she is proud of the small role we play today in helping others who are suffering from this disease. In supporting the LIAD Center, please think all that you are impacting to navigate this current pandemic.

Tom Killeen

Like other Board members, I have witnessed the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s first hand when my Mother, Anne, a vivacious and loving lady, was stricken and deteriorated with the disease. The LIAD Center has always been acknowledged as innovative and hands-on – qualities that strongly served its ability to quickly pivot its programs and services to address the pandemic on Long Island. I’ve always been proud to be a part of the LIAD Center, but now more than ever it is an honor to support the LIAD team and its services for almost 20 years.

Money raised in this fundraiser will help not only support the LIAD Center’s services today, but will also help assure families of a safe and comfortable return. Please join me in offering hope to your Long Island neighbors.

Carmine Asparro

For years I watched my mother, Ann, slowly slip away while living with Alzheimer’s. It was devastating to see my family develop feelings of frustration and helplessness as they gave all their care for her. Though I discovered the LIAD Center too late for my mother to benefit, the organization’s mission resonated with me so I joined the Board of Trustees. Today, I am asking for your support because COVID-19 is playing a jeopardizing role on the LIAD Center’s programs and it will directly impact diagnosed individuals and caregivers in critical need. Knowing that struggle from my personal experience, I hope you can agree the value and importance of the LIAD Center’s continued services and join me in making an everlasting impact.

The Art of Remembrance

The Art of Remembrance is a group of young artists who collaborated to use art to strengthen connections and foster hope during the COVID-19 pandemic in support of the LIAD Center’s programs and services. They curated a collection of drawings, paintings, poems, essays and more to create a magazine that explores human emotion during times of crisis and everlasting hope which society depends on. Donors will receive a copy of their magazine, which was created in honor of Hu Weide, one of the young artists’ grandmother, who is living with Alzheimer’s disease. “Alzheimer’s stops for no one. We won’t stop either. Join us in remembering those who are less fortunate and give back to help them during this difficult time. Through our art, we hope to rejuvenate people during this time and support those most vulnerable.”

The Matera Family

At the young age of 7, Jessica is well aware of how Alzheimer’s can affect those you love as she witnessed her grandpa deal with the disease for a few years. One of her favorite memories with her grandpa was his excitement to see her when accompanying her grandma to pick him up at the LIAD Center day program. Jessica’s first big fundraiser was a lemonade stand, raising an impressive $56. Due to challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, she went for a more socially distant route this time, selling hand-made bracelets. Jessica knows how important it is to help other families just as much as the LIAD Center helped her grandpa. Support Jessica’s fundraiser and her efforts to continue programs for families coping through all stages of living with a diagnosis.

Thank You for Your Support!

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